What are the site hours and location?

Our site is located at 3651 Julie St in Rainbow City AL. Your storage unit is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.  The gates are operated with the code given to you at rental or via our NOKE app.

How do I rent?

You can rent conveniently online or by phone.    

Are locks provided?

Yes, we provide a lock for $15. This amount is refundable once the lock is returned to us at move out. We have a lock drop box placed by the buildings for this purpose. 

Do I have to sign a Long-Term Lease?

Our standard lease is month-to-month.

When is rent due?

The rent is due on the first day of every month. We do prorate rents for move in and move outs that are mid-month. 

How do I make payments?

Autopay is the most reliable and convenient way to make your storage payment.  Other than autopay, you can make your payment online anytime or simply call us 24/7.   

RV Storage: Tips for Storage:

Cover All Vents and Places that Insects Could Possibly Crawl Into

Remove All Perishables (and Non-Perishables!) and Open Up All Cabinets

Prepare Your Fridge and Freezer for the Coming Winter 

Propane – Turn off supply valves and appliances. Keep any vents open.

Rodent Proof your RV 

Drain Your RV of All Fluids for winter

Keep Your Tires in Tip Top Shape

Remove Your Battery for the Winter

Add Fuel Stabilizer to Your RV During the Winter Months

Change Your Oil Before Storing Your RV for the Winter